Edamame (2 different ways)

Are you looking for a fast easy light snack? My absolute go to snack when I am in a hurry has to be Edamame. It is so easy to make and literally only takes 7 minutes to make! Edamame is so versatile you can use it in Salads, in dips, or just as a stand alone snack. You can add a variety of different spices to make this snack fit to your specific taste buds.



1 bag Organic Edamame

Dry Spices:
Sesame Seeds
Chili Flakes
Cayenne Pepper

Soy Sauce
Teriyaki Sauce

Heat a pot of water on high heat and add some salt. Once the water is at a roaring boil add a bag of Edamame and let boil for about 5-7 minutes. Pour the edamame into a strainer and let sit for a few seconds until it has a cooled. At this point you can place the Edamame in a bowl or plate and season with any of the ingredients mentioned above or add some of your own. You can either keep it nice and simple and add some Sesame Seeds with Lemon zest and Teriyaki Sauce or you can add several different ingredients together such as Chili Flakes, Cayenne Pepper, with Garlic if you are looking for something a bit more spicy.



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